Chelsea Nye


This visual collection represents a personal journey about challenging fear, expectation, and living without regret. When I was just a little girl, a close friend of my mother said to me “Chelsea, you plow your own path.” I don’t recall what the incident was to prompt her comment, but since that day her words have remained with me. I have the spirit of an explorer, full of wonder and awe. I enjoy being the observer, seeking details and those tiny moments in life that pass by too quickly for anyone else to notice. Life has shown me the dark and light of existing, and I have faced the oppressing opinions of expectation. There have been times as an adult where I have taken the road expected of me, I tried my best but ultimately never felt myself. During those times, it was almost out of body and my agenda was not my own. The images in this collection are representative of the feelings and trials I experienced to ultimately live with, love and appreciate a life of no regrets.

Single Journey
Brilliant Chaos
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